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I have a MIPS box

Subject: I have a MIPS box
From: MLLeong <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 12:18:24 EDT
it's currently a stand for some of my house plants.  

I used to work for NEC Boxborough, when it was still NEC and they were getting
rid of their MIPS team.  Well wouldn't you believe it, they were getting rid
of all their MIPS equipement and I bought one for a song and dance.  I loaded
NT 3.51 on it but could not upgrade or load NT 4.0 because of a problem with
HAL file.  Then I saw this web site and thought why not?  

I'm interested in trying to load Linux on my plant stand, but probably need
some help, like where do I start??

Mon L. Leong

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