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Re: NetPower Series 100

Subject: Re: NetPower Series 100
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 21:33:41 -0600
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sun, 17 May 1998 21:18:08 MDT." <>
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In message <> "M. Warner Losh" 
: In message <000701bd81d7$cf24f760$> "Donovan 
Arellano" writes:
: : I have a netpower series 100, I think its is a Acer PICA-61 (R4400, 134/150
: : MHz CPU clock, up to 2 MB L2 cache, on-board video, SCSI, Ethernet and
: : serial/parallel I/O plus 5 free ISA slots) or it is possible that it is a
: : Deskstation rPC44 (R4400 100 MHz CPU clock, up to 2 MB L2 cache, 5 free EISA
: : slots). I am not shure because it has an r4400 100 MHz CPU, onboard s-3
: : video, scsi, Ethernet, and serial/parallel io. Anyway, I was able to get
: : your Milo to work, and was interested in the next step that I need to do to
: : get linux on my system.
: This isn't a DeskStation rPC44.  It doesn't have an on-board S2, scsi,
: ethrenet.  It does have an onboard ide, fd, parallel and serial ports
: (but they are disabled by default and I've not tried to enable them).
: This machine sounds like a MIPS Magnum or Jazz.

It might also be a DeskStation Tyne clone, but that is unlikely.  I
don't think DeskStation resold their hardware at that stage of their
life.  You'd know it was a DeskStation from the BIOS, or at the very
least looking at the silk screened stuff on the main board.

If it is a Magnum 4000 clone like the Jazz is, then you might be able
to get away with hacking MILO to report the machine as a JAZZ or
MAGNUM and see how far that gets you.

Sadly, I've not had time to keep the DeskStation rPC44 support up to
date in Linux, so it has withered and died.  However, I seriously
doubt that this is a machine made by DeskStation...


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