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RE: linux on PERSONAL DECstation5000/33

To: Kristoff Bonne <>
Subject: RE: linux on PERSONAL DECstation5000/33
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 20:36:08 +0200 (MEST)
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Reply-to: "Harald Koerfgen" <>
Hello Kristoff,

On 11-May-98 Kristoff Bonne wrote:
> Gegroet,

[some snippage ...]

> Well, I tried it again, to be sure:
> I 'lynx'ed the binary kernel from, did 'gzip -d 
> vmlinux-2.1.14-070298.gz' and did a 'mv vmlinux-2.1.14-070298 vmlinux'.
> After that:
> $ halt
>>>> boot 3/rz4/vmlinux
> The same result.
> Can't it be because of some part of the 'disklabel' code of the netbsd 1.2.
> (you know the 'bootrz' and 'rzboot'-files?)

Without having a chance to test this, I'd guess you're right. The method you
described does work with ultrixboot indeed, but I don't have any idea if this 
work with with the NetBSD startup process. If I were you, I'd either play around
with arch/mips/dec/boot/ld.ecoff to build an ELF Kernel and use NetBSD's 
or set up an tftpd on anouther machine.

I can assure you, that booting via tftp works with DECstation-Linux-2.1.73, at 
on those DECstations without buggy PROMS :-).

> I've read things about the 'milo' in this list. (Or am I mixing-up some 
> things!)
The DECstations will definitly need another bootloader.
> Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
> --
> Bonne Kristoff                              belgacom multimedia
> (C=BE,A=RTT,P=RTTIPC,S=BONNE,G=Kristoff)    operations belbone
>                  fax: +32 2 2024123

Keep hacking!

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