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Time to take the plunge..

Subject: Time to take the plunge..
From: Tim Parker <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 12:46:26 +0100 (BST)
..couldn't let them throw it out so after our company's' recent move I
thought i'd grab a Un*x box for home. Not sure on the complete spec at
the moment as some of the systems guys are apparantly filling it with
whatever they find - bless them :)

Preliminary spec : DECStation 5000/200 - no internal / 4 x 1.3Gb
Digital boxed external drives (don't know the make) - this is already
put together with Ultrix something on.
48Mb (maybe 64) RAM.
QIC150 + random tap streamer + (possibly) Exabyte tape unit (no
numbers) with HW compression [God knows why we bought this - but he's
not saying].
Various seeing, moving and typing bits.

I'll be getting another PC box for home in the next couple of months
and I wouldn't want to trust any non-Un*x like OS on it, [need to use
it for dev / remote working so it's got to stay up]. It's a couple of
years since I had a Linux system running full time but i'm itching to
get back in... so if I can be of any help on kernel/user code on the
R3000 machines count me in.

So I can start reading up on the MIPs specific stuff while i'm waiting
for the machine could anyone let me know any areas that need looking
at in particular or any pointers to dev groups ? I'll be having a
troll around the groups listed on the Linux/MIPS homepage anyway, but
any extra information / hints / warnings etc would be appreciated.

TIA  Tim

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