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Re: DS5000/25

Subject: Re: DS5000/25
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:55:09 +0100
Organization: Ford Motor Company
References: <0748135163508022*/c=GB/admd=telemail/prmd=Unilever/o=Unilever/ou=Gemini/ou=ccMail/s=Foster/g=Matt/@MHS> <>

Andreas Heilwagen wrote:
> I testet my DECstation 5000/240 with PMAG-E 3D accelerator with OpenBSD
> without success. I stopped while netbooting from my linux nfs server.

Did your DECstation die immediately after typing "boot 3/tftp"?
If so, your DECstation has a buggy PROM :-(. I had to make similar
experiences myself.

> If you get a running kernel, I would be very interested. My customer
> asked me to follow the OpenBSD path so I have no time/money to roast
> a linux kernel...

Sad to hear that, we could really need some help. Anyway, you can try to
copy the OpenBSD kernel to your bootdrive and boot it via Ultrixboot:
"boot 3/rz[your_drive_number]/[path_to_the_OpenBSD_kernel]".
This works for my Linux Test Kernels :-).


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