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Linux/MIPS. Unusual box for the target list.

Subject: Linux/MIPS. Unusual box for the target list.
From: Mike Haight <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 11:24:28 -0600 (CST)
Hello all,
  A suggestion box to port this to would be a Philips Velo 1.
It uses a 3.3V 32-Bit MIPS R3910 RISC processor @36MHz.  It would
be a real challenge due to the fact that this is a diskless system
so Linux/X would have to be reduced to 8 Meg.  Moreover, there is 
only 4 Meg RAM (mine has 8 however).  It would have to be installed
via a 8 Meg ROM "minicard" that is easily added to the palmtop 
internally.  I know this would introduce the problem of hardware
costs, but people have been buying CDs for years now.  It is also
going to be a hassle during the porting process.  :(

  It should also be noted that the Velo 1 is in its declining 
days.  It will be replaced shortly with the Velo 500 model
(75MHz, 32-bit MIPS-based Philips PR31700 RISC processor) and is
expected to hit the marketplace in the March/April timeframe.
I request the Velo 1 port because I already own one.

  I would be happy to assist in anyway that I could.  I have 
spent time hacking kernel and/or user code and enjoyed it.  This 
would present itself as an opportunity to learn something new.

  Please free me from the grips of the evil WindowsCE.
Michael Haight

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