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Re: Is Magnum 4000 supported?

To: Tatsuya Nakamura <>
Subject: Re: Is Magnum 4000 supported?
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 00:47:50 +0100
In-reply-to: <>; from Tatsuya Nakamura on Wed, Feb 18, 1998 at 09:57:00AM +0900
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On Wed, Feb 18, 1998 at 09:57:00AM +0900, Tatsuya Nakamura wrote:

> I try to use of Linux/MIPS on MIPS Magnum 4000 system.
> I tried some versions kernel, and some configuration.
> But, 2.1.XX kernel didn't show some message to console.
> The 2.0.21 kernel could show message to console, but it didn't work
> fine.
> 2.0.21 kernel stopped after ethernet information displaing,
> and appear this message:
> Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00000004, epc == 
> ffffffff8005ac5c
> $0: ........
> MIPS Magnum 4000 system does not tested?

The development is actually being done by somebody who's using an OEM
version of the Magnum 4000, the Olivetti M700-10.  But that machine is
99.9% identical.

Question: do you know if you have a Magnum 4000SC?  The SC CPU version is
quite a bit faster but the support for it is broken in the kernels you've

What resolution is you machine running at?  Milo and the kernel only support
the lowres mode (1024 x 768).


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