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Re: Commercial Linux/MIPS...

To: "Michael L. Galbraith" <>
Subject: Re: Commercial Linux/MIPS...
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:59:53 +0100
In-reply-to: <>; from Michael L. Galbraith on Wed, Feb 11, 1998 at 07:42:55PM +0100
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On Wed, Feb 11, 1998 at 07:42:55PM +0100, Michael L. Galbraith wrote:

> > There is going to be more commercial Linux/MIPS rsn.  Linux will control
> > NMR systems, including medical systems and systems for long time 
> > measurements
> > where failure is no option.  In those systems Linux will be the successor
> > of a modified Risc/OS 4.51 version.  Stay tuned for details ...
> > 
> >   Ralf
> OOHA!,
> URL's anyone? I have an RM400 (R4400/100) in need of a soul transplant.

That's yet another type of machine.  I've ported Linux to the SNI RM200C;
it should also run on the RM300.  The R400 is a SMP machine and I don't
have any data about it at all.  In fact, since so far nobody was so
generous to loan me a SMP box there isn't even MIPS SMP yet ...

But here is what _you_ can do: Call SNI and have a bit fun nervragging them
for Linux.  There are so many very different MIPS machines out there that
reverse engineering isn't a real option unless you solve the problem of
human immortability before :-(


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