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MIPS R3000 boxes

Subject: MIPS R3000 boxes
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 02:10:06 EST
Just viewing your web site re: Linux.  I know of an animation school in Los
Angeles that was donated seven or eight R3000 boxes and they're not sure what
to do with them.  It's the Abram Friedman Occupational Center animation
program and the head guy is named Eric Huelsman.  I think he might be
interested in information re: Linux for teaching/development at his school.
I'm using a guest account, so I don't have his e-mal handy.  I'll have him
contact you.

FYI:  I used to work for the Silicon Studio/Los Angeles Training Center (SGI
entertainment industry software training) in Santa Monica as their
government/education liaison.  I'm now working as an independent digital
education consultant (whatever THAT is).  I'll be at the LA/Orange County
Regional Multimedia Facutly meeting this coming Thursday -- are you interested
in hearing from educators on the use/development of Linux in their classrooms?


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