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RM 200 - no response.

Subject: RM 200 - no response.
From: "Andy C. Brandt" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 20:49:52 +0100

a few days ago I have posted to the list hoping that someone who already has
Linux/MIPS running on an SNI RM 200 workstation will point me in the right
direction or give some help in getting Linux to run on mine RM 200. No one

Does that mean that RM 200 is not supported and no one on this list has ever
made Linux run on one of these? Or maybe this means that this list is only
for kernel hackers and such questions are inappropriate?

Sorry - but I really want to get Linux running on it. On the other hand 
it's the first time when I'm asking something in the Linux community and no
one wants to help.

I Andrzej K. Brandt I Cyber Service I  I
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