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RM 200 and a newbie - help needed.

Subject: RM 200 and a newbie - help needed.
From: "Andy C. Brandt" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 15:40:31 +0100
Dear Mips-ers,

since yesterday I have an Siemens-Nixdorf RM 200 sitting here on my desk
next to my old faithfull i486 Linux box. I have received it without any
documentation, with Sinix installed. The previous owners of the machine
didn't pass me the root password, so I spent last evening trying to boot
that dreaded Sinix single user. Without success.

Then I gave up - especially as I want to have Linux on this box anyway - and
turned to Linux/MIPS FAQ and HOWTO. There is no single hint about how the
installation procedure should look like, but I downloaded milo (I was
suprised to notice how old it was) and tried to move it onto floppy disk as
described in the HOWTO. Then I tried to run it from SASH, but boot command
isn't probably the best thing to try and there is no run command there. When
I tried to just issue floppy()milo command it said "couldn't determine fs

Now - I know that you are all too busy to care about newbies, but please
give me at least some hints about what to do to get Linux working on my RM.
In return I promise that I will write a detailed instructions how to do it
so other newbies won't be asking this questions again.

I Andrzej K. Brandt I Cyber Service I  I
| | "You see, but you do not observe." Sherlock |

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