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Re: DECstation porters unite !

Subject: Re: DECstation porters unite !
From: Amit Margalit <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 14:05:02 +0200 (IST)
In-reply-to: <>
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp.

On 18-Jan-98 wrote:
> Yes. Documentation btw, is available for tree from Symbios

Where do I send my tree? (Just kidding, it's a wonderful typo!)

> Tss, tss...  I wonder if the DECstation is fast enough to keep the FDDI
> hardware busy ...

I bet a R4000 DS5000/150 at 50MHz would be fast enough, if totally

>> BTW: I have now a running OpenBSD/pmax on 5000/240 and an running
>> NetBSD-1.3_BETA/pmax on the 5000/150 but i'd like to have an
>> Debian GNU Linux Mips.

Why aren't we stealing some code just to see how it's done?

> There is a 80% port of Redhat which you can use to get started, so
> rebuilding Debian shouldn't be too hard.  Especially the part of Debian
> that in earlier times were preventing an easy start are now existing.

Do you mean an 80% working RedHat MIPS that works on DECstations???


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