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Re: Latest 2.1.14 sources ???

Subject: Re: Latest 2.1.14 sources ???
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 10:35:16 +0100
Organization: Ford Motor Company
References: <199801182026.VAA01348@jordan.numerik> <>
Hello all, wrote:

[stuff about compiling problems snipped]

> Another problem with newer kernel is that the building strategy Paul
> uses to build ECOFF kernel will not work anymore for 2.1.x kernels.  The
> kernel uses a number of ELF features - too many for ld.  It will die
> with funny messages. 

Can it be that this affects the stack manipulation in do_sys(...)?
The DECstation kernel is now dying in the return from the first syscall
in kernel_thread(...). From what I have been able to find out so far
(with the help of two good old friends named printk and PRINT), the

        regs->cp0_epc += 4;

in do_sys(...) is not visible after RESTORE_ALL in ret_from_syscall.

> Suggested alternative strategy: build an ELF kernel
> like all other systems do and convert it into ECOFF using the
> ELF -> ECOFF converter program from the Milo sources.  That's will be
> a quite robust solution.

I have done some experiments with that, but I am sorry to tell that this
does not work :-(. It looks like the DECstation boot prom is very picky
about the layout of kernel images. Maybe it's time to put some effort in
a bootloader which is able to boot ELF kernels.


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