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Re: DECstation porters unite !

Subject: Re: DECstation porters unite !
From: Stu Allen <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:24:17 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <199801181225.NAA01041@jordan.numerik> from Michael Engel at "Jan 18, 98 01:25:01 pm"
> due to the overwhelming amount of requests regardings the DECstation port
> during the last few weeks ;-), we should do something to get the port further
> along. 

I'm excited.  I've been on this list for nearly 2 years now, ever since I
"inherited" a DECsystem 5100.  As we all know, progress has been very slow,
and indeed last May I posted a message to the list asking whether I should
hold onto the beast, or just ditch it.

With the valiant effort of Paul Antoine, I got a kernel that did more than
just immediately stack dump after TFTP load.  This was May 11, 1997.

And then last September, I finally got around to building my own kernel, and
with some hacking and hardcoding of a few things (like memory size!) I got
to the point where it's in the delay loop (for the BogoMIPS calculation), and
then it stays there forever since the timer interrupt isn't working :-(

If anyone has a patch which enables the timer interrupt on a 3100 (we think
the 5100 is just a R3000 3100) I'd be VERY interested in seeing it!

I don't think I'm further along than other people, but if I am let me know and
I'll try to figure out just what I had to patch to get this far.  To be honest
it seems longer ago than 4 months that I last worked on this!

> I will set up a mirror site of Paul's DECstation information pages on Monday
> and would like to ask all people who have DECstation patches to upload the
> patches to in /incoming.
> We should try to find out what the biggest problems in the current
> state of the port are. Areas that IMHO need work are:
> - Interrupt handling

Please do this one first!

> Probably it is also a good idea to make a list of the hardware that is 
> available for testing kernels. 
> I have a DS2100, a 5000/25, a 5000/120 and a 5000/200 and can get 
> access to 5000/33's, 3100's and 5000/240's at University.

Add my little DS5100 to that list ....
So does anyone know what happened to Paul?  I sincerely hope that he's just
gone offline to this effort rather than it being something worse ....  I just
looked through my personal list archives and there is a note from him on 
December 2nd indicating that he would be on leave, and get a chance to work
on the DECstation port ... has anyone heard anything from him?

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