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Re: Latest 2.1.14 sources ???

Subject: Re: Latest 2.1.14 sources ???
From: Stu Allen <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:59:59 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <199801182026.VAA01348@jordan.numerik> from Michael Engel at "Jan 18, 98 09:26:54 pm"
> does anyone have the latest sources for the 2.1.14 kernel ? I didn't
> succeed in getting the kernel compiled from linux-
> to work at all. They all crash immediately after loading without any
> reason ...
> I also noticed that kernels compiled and linked with the 2.7-based utils
> are _much_ bigger than the test kernels (>2 MB compared to ca. 800kB), so 
> I suspect it to be a compiler/linker problem.

Did you run objcopy and strip out the unneeded information from the kernel
image?  i.e.:

mipsel-linux-objcopy --remove-section=.reginfo --remove-section=.mdebug \
        --remove-section=.fixup --remove-section=__ex_tab dec_vmlinux

For me at least, this takes a kernel image which is about 1.5 meg and reduces
it to a little under a meg.  The resulting image also boots, at least to some

I'm pretty sure that Paul was the one who told me that I needed to do this --
I'll look for his original message, which I believe explains _why_ you need to
do it.

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