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Re: DECstation porters unite !

Subject: Re: DECstation porters unite !
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 18:48:37 +0100
In-reply-to: <>; from Florian Lohoff on Sun, Jan 18, 1998 at 04:17:37PM +0100
References: <199801181225.NAA01041@jordan.numerik> <>
On Sun, Jan 18, 1998 at 04:17:37PM +0100, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Michael Engel wrote:
> >   o SCSI in DS[23]100 - the DEC SII chipset. Documented in the DS3100
> >     functional specs
> >   o SCSI in almost (?) all other DECstations - NCR53C94. Is this chip
> >     documented ?
> Is this maybe a derivate of the NCR53C90 supported in the
> Sun Enhanced SCSI Prozessor code (esp.c) ?

Yes.  Documentation btw, is available for tree from Symbios (
For those who don't know, Symbios is the current owner of NCR's chips

> >   o TurboChannel support - probing for cards etc. and support for the most
> >     important TC options - PMAG-[AB]* graphics adapters, ethernet and SCSI
> >     controllers (which are simply TC versions of the Lance and NCR53C94).
> >     Well, we also have a nice 24-bit i860-accelerated graphics board here 
> > ;-)
> I have also 2 FDDI Turbochannel boards in my Decstation 5000s :)

Tss, tss...  I wonder if the DECstation is fast enough to keep the FDDI
hardware busy ...

> BTW: I have now a running OpenBSD/pmax on 5000/240 and an running
> NetBSD-1.3_BETA/pmax on the 5000/150 but i'd like to have an
> Debian GNU Linux Mips.

There is a 80% port of Redhat which you can use to get started, so rebuilding
Debian shouldn't be too hard.  Especially the part of Debian that in earlier
times were preventing an easy start are now existing.


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