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Re: DECstation porters unite !

Subject: Re: DECstation porters unite !
From: Florian Lohoff <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 16:17:37 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <199801181225.NAA01041@jordan.numerik>
On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Michael Engel wrote:

>   o SCSI in DS[23]100 - the DEC SII chipset. Documented in the DS3100
>     functional specs
>   o SCSI in almost (?) all other DECstations - NCR53C94. Is this chip
>     documented ?

Is this maybe a derivate of the NCR53C90 supported in the
Sun Enhanced SCSI Prozessor code (esp.c) ?

>   o TurboChannel support - probing for cards etc. and support for the most
>     important TC options - PMAG-[AB]* graphics adapters, ethernet and SCSI
>     controllers (which are simply TC versions of the Lance and NCR53C94).
>     Well, we also have a nice 24-bit i860-accelerated graphics board here ;-)

I have also 2 FDDI Turbochannel boards in my Decstation 5000s :)

BTW: I have now a running OpenBSD/pmax on 5000/240 and an running
NetBSD-1.3_BETA/pmax on the 5000/150 but i'd like to have an
Debian GNU Linux Mips.

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