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Re: My NEC VR4000's

Subject: Re: My NEC VR4000's
From: David Hinkle <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 21:09:46 -0600
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Well, the systems are manufactored by Control Data Systems, "indigo systems"
.... Running Irix....  But I've not had much experience with mips systems so I
just don't know what to look for to tell what they are.    It has two primary
boards.... I video board and a Cpu board.... The cpu has the one VR4000 and
three other chips underneath it that look about the size of a Pentium 2....
But I couldn't read the designations without taking it apart.    The video
board has at least one of the same types of 'supporting' chips as well... The
video board also has a socket labled 3D Headset.....    The lady that's in
charge of the military reutilization program said it was purchased for 38,000
three years ago.    They have two more... I think I will obtain them both...
Does this sound like a good idea to you?    By the way... What are my options
as far as OS's go?

                                                    Drachs wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 17, 1998 at 01:20:16PM -0600, Drachen Meir wrote:
> > I'm intrested in running Linux on my Nec VR4000's.....   They're old
> > military computers.
> What type exactly are you using?  VR4000 is just the type of NEC's
> processor type, it's not the type of a actual machine and MIPS machines
> are sometimes pretty different because compatibility is the job of the
> OS, not the hardware.  Guessing - your machine is probably technically
> pretty similar to the Mips Magnum 4000.
> >                      I'll help out anyway I can with you're project...
> > and you're web page said that I should contact you and let you know what
> > I'm running.    My C is quite rusty...
> When you're done with porting Linux to your box it will be so shiny,
> you'll have to wear sunglasses when the sun is shining ;-)
> >                                         But I would be happy to do beta
> > testing and such.    Please let me know about the state of your project
> > and how I can help.
> We currently don't support the NEC machines.  So you'd be on your own.
> Actually not alone, there are other NEC users on the list.  If you want
> to work on porting - it's a challenging project, but that's what you could
> do.  I did the lion fraction of the rest of the MIPS stuff, therefore I
> could help you.
>   Ralf

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