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Decstation Port was: Re: DECstation 3100's

Subject: Decstation Port was: Re: DECstation 3100's
From: Florian Lohoff <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 18:40:03 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <>
On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Peter wrote:

> > Hi Sam, 
> > I have done some work on the code for the 3100, but ran out of time,
> > so I'm writing. Alas, I haven't heard something from Paul Antoine who is
> > the coordinator for the efforts done on the DECstation code, and the
> > Web-Page of the Projekt move some while and disapeared (at least for me). 
> > But you may find a functional discription of the 3100 on 
> > in the directory. There are also the source of the 
> > last kernel (2.1.14) and some compiled test-kernels. 
> > The Book of Gerry Kane (see Linux/Mips homepage) was quite informative.
> If we need a new place to put the Linux/DECStation page, I can host it on
>, but I can't provide content (I'm still sitting here
> wishing that I had a working version for a 5000/25).  Unfortunatly, we'd
> be limited to 10 Meg or so of space there right now, and its on a 28.8
> until my ISDN gets installed.

I am quite unhappy with the progress of the Decstation port
i have two 5000 (/150(R4000) and /240(R3000)) both equipped with
64MB Ram and 2 extrac SCSI Controllers and an FDDI board. At the moment
i have a running OpenBSD on the /240 (OpenBSD wont run on R4000).
The next days i am going to try to install NetBSD 1.3_BETA 
to the /150 as this runs on R4000.

I could also spend WebSpace (several hundreds meg behind 256KBit/s, on
the 5000/240 running OpenBSD if you like :) )
but i dont think this is the problem.

I'd like to do something with porting Linux/mips to the Decstations but i
am a bit handicapped. I have done lots of low-level coding on M68K, Z80,
6502, i80x86 and a bit C. But i am not used to kernel concept etc. but i
am willing to learn and to do some work but i need some hints were to
start etc ... Also i could put both Decstations online maybe with serial
line access and a remote-power-switch. 

BTW: I was at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg after Christmas
and meat 5 other Decstation owners which are stuck with running
ultrix and would like to have other OSes running on those machines
(Preferably Linux). They all hadnt heard of this list and of
those Websites and the Linux/mips port at all. Maybe it would be a good
idea to post regularly at comp.os.linux.announce ?

I'd like to see some progress but at the moment i am feeling that the
Decstation port seems to be a bit dead. :(

Florian Lohoff      Phone:+49-5241-470566
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