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Subject: linux-mips list
From: Andrew Tridgell <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 12:10:21 +1100
Sender: Andrew Tridgell <>
I'd like to subscribe to the linux-mips mailing list. It is listed as
"developers only" in the FAQ and doesn't seem to have a subscribe
address? I assume this will be read by a human.

Anyway, I have a decstation 5000/240 that was left in my office when I
moved last week. Maybe I can put it to good use? I'd also like to
eventually put linux on (a Origin200) that was
donated by SGI for free software work.

I won't have a lot of time to work on these till after I've submitted
my thesis (sometime in the next few months) but I'm looking forward to
hacking on them a bit after that. I did the Linux/AP1000+ port so I'm
at least familiar with the process of porting linux.

At the moment I'd like to just lurk a bit on the mailing list so I can
learn what the issues are. I can also make the origin available to
other developers for experimentation within IRIX if that helps (it is
running IRIX 6.4). 

Cheers, Andrew

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