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Re: Announce: New uploads

Subject: Re: Announce: New uploads
From: Joe Alonso <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:50:39 -0500
Organization: Kaydara
References: <>
Pardon my ignorance, but...
I have a couple of questions;  
is there a how-to document that outlines how to load linux on an sgi?
is the Indigo Elan (r4000) supported?

I'm not sure how to initialize a loading of linux on the sgi.
Here's what I've assumed:
- bring over the src's to the sgi
- compile a basic system (under irix)
- copy over the original irix kernel with the new linux kernel
- re-boot

The begging questions:
The FS are not compatible, therefore a new mkfs has to be done on the
(root) partitions.
This just doesn't "sound" right to me. 
What am I overlooking?


Ralf Baechle wrote:
> Hi all,
> ok, here are the toys I promised to upload to
>  - tons of srpms some of which have been modified compared to RedHat's
>    original versions for the ``Mustang'' release and  big endian binaries.
>  - tarballs of libc binaries.
>  - srpms and both big and little endian binaries of an updated binutils
>    package.
>  - a tarball with big endian binaries of XFree 3.3.1.
>  - kernel binaries for the Indy and RM200.  The RM200 kernel has the support
>    for a couple of other little endian machines in it but I didn't test.
> All in all this is around 350mb.
> Have fun leeching,
>   Ralf

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