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[OFFTOPIC] Opera Software - Opera for OS/2, Mac, X11, BeOS..

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Subject: [OFFTOPIC] Opera Software - Opera for OS/2, Mac, X11, BeOS..
From: Amit Margalit <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:25:49 +0200 (IST)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp.
Resent-date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:48:20 +0100
Resent-from: Martin Andersen <>
Resent-message-id: <>

I know this is way off topic, but I think us Linuxers ought to know and do
something about this:

Very offtopic post here, but please, if you guys want to
see a lean, mean fast killing machine of a browser for Linux,
go to this page and support it *NOW*!

According to the page, it takes up only ~ 1Mb, and still supports
frames, tables and most other tags (including mail support) as well!. 
Don't hesitate, go there now - the folks there have complained
about the low response from the Linux community.

(No, I am *not* by any means affiliated with Opera Software!) ;)

Amit Margalit - Author of XBanner:
All information in the above mail message is personal, and does not
imply on my employer. None of it should be attributed to my employer.

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