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Need help with my RM200c

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Need help with my RM200c
From: Morten Helgesen <>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 01:40:07 +0100
Hello my name is Morten Helgesen and I study IT at the universety in Oslo.
Heres my story (in short):
I have for the last (around) four years been living in Israel and just when
I were about to move back to Norway I had this fantastic offer from my "old"
professor, he wanted to sell me his RM200c system.   welll,,,,
Enough of this and lets get to the REAL problem.
When I bought the system there were no docs or hard disk in the case.
I have just now bought an 9.1 gig HD and are eagerly waiting to get my system
up'n running. Whatts the proceedings when I want to install Win NT on my
hard disk ? I have the Win NT cd-rom inserted and type "boot cdrom" but as
there's no valid filesystem on my hard disk it keeps telling me it can't read
the current fs. How do I overcome this ? I have also tried to "boot floppy"
but with the same result.
Now at first I'd like to install Win NT but maybe later also the Linux
Operating System.

PLEASE can you help me ??


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