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R4600 fun ...

Subject: R4600 fun ...
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 14:49:42 +0100

I've found a problem with the cacheflush routines in the kernel.  The
following routine from arch/mips/mm/r4xx0.c:

static void r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp(unsigned long addr)
        addr &= ~(dc_lsize - 1);
        /* These nops handle a processor errata in the R4600 silicon */
        __asm__ __volatile__("nop;nop;nop;nop");
        protected_writeback_dcache_line(addr + dc_lsize);
        protected_flush_icache_line(addr + dc_lsize);

which is being compiled into the following assembler code:

0000d5a0 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp> lui $v1,0x0
0000d5a4 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+4> lw $v1,12($v1)
0000d5a8 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+8> negu $v0,$v1
0000d5ac <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+c> and $a0,$a0,$v0
0000d5c0 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+20> cache Hit_Writeback_Inv_D,0($a0)
0000d5c4 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+24> addu $v1,$a0,$v1
0000d5c8 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+28> cache Hit_Writeback_Inv_D,0($v1)
0000d5cc <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+2c> cache Hit_Invalidate_I,0($a0)
0000d5d0 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+30> cache Hit_Invalidate_I,0($v1)
0000d5d4 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp+34> jr $ra

... is called by setup_frame() in arch/mips/kernel/signal.c when
setting up a signal frame:

         * Set up the return code ...
         *         .set    noreorder
         *         addiu   sp,0x20
         *         li      v0,__NR_sigreturn
         *         syscall
         *         .set    reorder
        __put_user(0x27bd0000 + scc_offset, &frame->code[0]);
        __put_user(0x24020000 + __NR_sigreturn, &frame->code[1]);
        __put_user(0x0000000c, &frame->code[2]);

         * Flush caches so that the instructions will be correctly executed.
         * (flush_cache_sigtramp is a function pointer)
        flush_cache_sigtramp((unsigned long) frame->code);

Unless I've got tomatoes of the size of a space ship on my eyes these
cache flushes do the right thing in order to guarantee the coherence
of Icache with the Dcache.  Nevertheless when executing the code on a
R4600 v2.0 I get illegal instruction exceptions for the instructions
on the stack.  The other MIPS processors seem not to have any problem
with this code.

Silicon problem?  Anybody seen this before?


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