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linux mips

Subject: linux mips
From: (Dr. Michael Storck)
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 10:21:02 +0100
Hey !
I am Michael from Germany. I own a second hand DECStation 5000 /200
with storage extension ( 2 hd with 360 and 620 MB) , a 8bit graphics
frame buffer card and a dec 19 " color monitor
(unfortunately the previous owner configuered the Xws X driver for
monochrome graphics ... I suspect he had a greyscale monitor and the
color monitor was bundled by the guy who sold me the station ...)
I have compiled kernels on pc (x86) linux machines and I have even
succeded in compiling a new kernel with cc under ultrix on the dec
to be able to use an external cd rom...
I do not have a lot of experience with programming (and even less
time) but I would be willing to help with testing.
I have the small  hradware doc from dec that came with the station
(on paper ..) but I do not have any ultrix doc...
The machine runs ultrix 4.3 rev 44 boots from a KNOZ-AA boot prom
Version 5.3t
The disks are   rz1 - RZ 55
                rz2 - RZ 56
                rz4 - CDROM (Toshiba)
Dr. Michael Storck
(aka michaXrostock)

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