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To: Linux MIPS Mailing List <>
Subject: Introduction
From: Ismael Ghalimi <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 12:44:58 +0100
Organization: Cybersociety

Let me introduce myself on this mailing list.

I'm a French computer science graduate student working on clusters of
PCs using Linux as main OS. I work on this project with many other
developers worldwide and we are designing a high-bandwidth/low-latency
switched network which should allow us to connect up to 64 PCs on a
hypercube topology with almost the full 64-bit/66MHz PCI bandwidth.

Our PCs are using the 533MHz Digital Alpha CPU as main CPU. Our idea is
to use a dedicated I/O coprocessor which would run many I/O tasks as a
parallel file system or a distributed shared memory. We would like to
use one of the MIPS clones for it, for instance the IDT RM4700. It would
allow us to get a 64-bit I/O coprocessor, eventually runing under Linux
(others I/O coprocessors like the Intel i960 run on proprietary OS like
VxWorks...). But we need to get a full 64-bit Linux running on a RM4700
with eventually some real-time features.

Many embedded systems are using MIPS-like CPU. A good & free 64-bit OS
would be very useful for many other applications and would allow
developers to use them without having to pay highly expensive
development tools like those provided for the Intel i960.

Do you know when such a version of Linux could be available and are you
interested by this project? We should be able to provide a RM4700-based
board to any serious developer who could help us in this work. All of
our developments are made under the GPL.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards (^_^)
Ismael Ghalimi (cassiel)   From : Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

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