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Subject: Hardware
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 21:02:10 -0700
I own, among other things, a MIPS RISComputer RC3240 and a MIPS
RISCStation RS2030 (sans monitor, tho I know where to get one). 

        They are, and have been for the last year, collecting dust. the RC3240
has 40 megs of ram and a 330 meg harddrive, the RS2030 has 12 megs of
ram and I believe a 140 meg harddrive. 

        If someone in the US is seriously working on, or considering working on
the R3000 kernel port, I would be willing to loan either or both of the
systems, as they're doing no good to me other than sentimental value.
The RC3240 was my first unix, when I had a "borrowed" account on it at a
local university. Both systems appear to be in fine condition. The
RC3240 has a pair of 16 meg memory boards and one 8 meg memory board,
but I have unfortunately not been able to get all 3 of them working at
once. Both also have most of RISCos 4.52+ already on them. RC3240 also
has the obligatory tape drive. 

        Anyone seriously interested should email me. They do have sentimental
value so I do eventually want them back, but neither has done anything
useful in about a year.

        I'm not really opposed to sending them out of the country except that
shipping costs would be signifigantly increased. 

 - Eric

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