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Re: some info please!

Subject: Re: some info please!
From: Dom Sweetman <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 16:36:48 GMT
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Mrityunjay Kumar ( writes:

> I am evaluating a toshiba chip which has a MIPS "R3000A based R3900
> Processor Core". I am to find out if we can run Linux on it...

The critical thing is: does it have a TLB (that's memory management
and mapping hardware).  No TLB, no Linux.  Otherwise, the R3900 is an
R3000 superset and will happily run vanilla R3000 code.

Of course you still have to get the right device drivers and stuff.

> Is pSOS better/equal to Linux?

Completely different.  pSOS is a microkernel running threads in a
single address space.  Compared with other real-time OS' it's fairly
well supported, fairly expensive, and doesn't need too much memory.


Dominic Sweetman
Algorithmics Ltd

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