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some info please!

Subject: some info please!
From: Mrityunjay Kumar <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 20:02:11 -0400
Organization: Network Programs Network Machines Inc

I am evaluating a toshiba chip which has a MIPS "R3000A based R3900
Processor Core". I am to find out if we can run Linux on it, or we have
to use pSOS or any other realtime commercial OS. And I know nothing
about MIPS, I have always worked on Linux on x86(not that I know much
about x86!).
So how should I go about it? Is there a way to find out if Linux will
run on that processor, how can I be sure that it is OK to use Linux on
the processor?
And if Linux doesn't work on it, can I make it work?!!
Is pSOS better/equal to Linux?

Any help will be great.


Network Programs Network Machines Inc.
New Jersey.
Ph: (908) 562-1111(245)

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