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Re: More Linux/SGI status

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: More Linux/SGI status
From: Eric Kimminau <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 09:07:02 -0400
Cc: Alan Cox <>, Miguel de Icaza <>,,
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc
References: <> <> <>
I am still having problems just getting our Indy to boot linux. I am in
a completely SGI environment with no PC already running linux to boot

Is there anyone else using this type of environment that has done a
basic HOWTO for getting up and running? If you have the basics, I
PROMISE to document it fully with graphics, images, etc. Ill do it in an
HTML form which will immediately be placed on linus.linux.


P.S. I haven't made much progress because I haven't spent much time on
it. I hoping this is going to dramatically change over the next several

Ralf Baechle wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 08, 1997 at 08:32:43AM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > >     4. A nice, easy-to use install program.  Taking the existing
> > >        Red Hat/Mustand install program and port it should be
> > >        pretty easy.
> >
> > The big install problem is repartitioning an EFS system without damaging
> > the EFS. There seem to be tools to do it via tape from reading the CD's.
> >
> > Once my SGI appears cranking out a distribution set is still my first goal
> I asked Ariel, your box is on it's way.  I hope the transport guys
> hurry as I'm getting pretty close to a useable distribution.  Appended
> is a list of the RPMs which I'm currently using.  They're mostly from
> the RedHat 4.9 aka Mustang distribution.  There are just a few things
> left to fix to build the entire distribution:
>  - rpm just returns to the shell prompt after short time for some packages.
>    Haven't yet tried to figure out what's the problem.
>  - some packages containing shared libraries link them against libc.  While
>    this is the right thing to do it will break with the binutils 2.7 we're
>    still using.  Fix: finally upgrade to binutils 2.7.
>  - some other packages depend on the presence of X11 for at least building.
>    Among them for example tcsh.  Should be fixed rsn as Miguel had some
>    X clients up.
>  - A couple of other packages contain real bugs, usually pretty trivial
>    things.
>  - yet other package don't build because they depend on other packages that
>    don't build, need to be ported to MIPS (Kaffee, eg.) or that are just
>    useless on a MIPS box like for example Lilo.
> I'll start to upload the SRPM packages listed below plus little endian
> binaries.  All in all that's over 150mb, so don't hold the breath.
>   Ralf
> MAKEDEV-2.2-10.src.rpm SysVinit-2.71-3.src.rpm TheNextLevel-1.1-3.src.rpm
> adduser-1.7-2.src.rpm amd-920824upl102-8.src.rpm apache-1.1.3-4.src.rpm
> ash-0.2-9.src.rpm at-2.9b-3.src.rpm autoconf-2.12-2.src.rpm
> automake-1.2-1.src.rpm bash-1.14.7-2.src.rpm bc-1.03-6.src.rpm
> bc-1.04-1.src.rpm bdflush-1.5-6.src.rpm biff-0.10-1.src.rpm
> bind-4.9.5p1-3.src.rpm bison-1.25-1.src.rpm bison-1.25-2.src.rpm
> bm2font-3.0-6.src.rpm bm2font-3.0-7.src.rpm bootp-2.4.3-3.src.rpm
> bootparamd-0.10-1.src.rpm bootpc-061-3.src.rpm byacc-1.9-4.src.rpm
> byacc-1.9-5.src.rpm caching-nameserver-1.1-1.src.rpm cdecl-2.5-4.src.rpm
> cdp-0.33-7.src.rpm christminster-3-3.src.rpm colour-yahtzee-1.0-4.src.rpm
> control-panel-2.6-1.src.rpm cpio-2.4.2-5.src.rpm cproto-4.4-5.src.rpm
> cracklib-2.5-2.src.rpm crontabs-1.5-1.src.rpm ctags-1.5-2.src.rpm
> cvs-1.9-2.src.rpm dev-2.5.2-1.src.rpm dhcpcd-0.65-1.src.rpm
> dialog-0.6-8.src.rpm diffstat-1.25-2.src.rpm diffutils-2.7-7.src.rpm
> e2fsprogs-1.10-0.src.rpm ed-0.2-6.src.rpm efax-0.8a-4.src.rpm
> eject-1.4-4.src.rpm etcskel-1.3-2.src.rpm ext2ed-0.1-9.src.rpm
> f2c-19960205-9.src.rpm faq-4.0-1.src.rpm fetchmail-2.2-3.src.rpm
> file-3.22-6.src.rpm filesystem-1.3-1.src.rpm fileutils-3.16-3.src.rpm
> findutils-4.1-13.src.rpm finger-0.10-2.src.rpm flex-2.5.4-2.src.rpm
> fort77-1.14a-2.src.rpm fortune-mod-1.0-4.src.rpm fstool-2.5-1.src.rpm
> ftp-0.10-1.src.rpm fwhois-1.00-6.src.rpm gawk-3.0.2-2.src.rpm
> gencat-022591-4.src.rpm gettext-0.10-2.src.rpm gettext-0.10-5.src.rpm
> getty_ps-2.0.7h-5.src.rpm giftrans-1.11.1-5.src.rpm git-4.3.16-2.src.rpm
> gnuchess-4.0.pl77-2.src.rpm grail-0.3b2-1.src.rpm grep-2.0-6.src.rpm
> groff-1.10-9.src.rpm gzip-1.2.4-9.src.rpm hdparm-3.1-3.src.rpm
> helptool-2.3-1.src.rpm howto-4.2-3.src.rpm imap-4.1.BETA-6.src.rpm
> indent-1.9.1-6.src.rpm indexhtml-4.2-1.src.rpm initscripts-3.16-1.src.rpm
> intimed-1.10-3.src.rpm intimed-1.10-4.src.rpm ircii-2.8.2-7.src.rpm
> ircii-2.8.2-8.src.rpm jdk- joe-2.8-8.src.rpm
> kbd-0.91-10.src.rpm ldp-4.2-1.src.rpm less-321-4.src.rpm
> lha-1.00-5.src.rpm linuxdoc-sgml-1.5-7.src.rpm logrotate-2.3-4.src.rpm
> lout-3.08-1.src.rpm lout-3.08-2.src.rpm lpr-0.19-1.src.rpm
> lrzsz-0.12.14-2.src.rpm lynx-2.6-3.src.rpm m4-1.4-7.src.rpm
> macutils-2.0b3-5.src.rpm mailcap-1.0-3.src.rpm
> make-3.75-2.src.rpm man-1.4j-2.src.rpm man-pages-1.15-1.src.rpm
> mb-5.0-7.src.rpm mgetty-1.1.5-3.src.rpm mingetty-0.9.4-4.src.rpm
> minicom-1.75-3.src.rpm mkdosfs-ygg-0.3b-5.src.rpm mkisofs-1.10rel-1.src.rpm
> mkisofs-1.10rel-2.src.rpm mktemp-1.4-2.src.rpm modemtool-1.1-2.src.rpm
> modutils-2.1.55-1.src.rpm mount-2.6h-1.src.rpm mpage-2.4-2.src.rpm
> mt-st-0.4-3.src.rpm mtools-3.6-2.src.rpm mtools-3.6-3.src.rpm
> mutt-0.81e-3.src.rpm mysterious-1.0-2.src.rpm ncftp-2.3.0-6.src.rpm
> ncompress-4.2.4-7.src.rpm ncurses-1.9.9e-4.src.rpm nenscript-1.13++-9.src.rpm
> net-tools-1.32.alpha-2.src.rpm netkit-base-0.10-2.src.rpm nls-1.0-2.src.rpm
> ntalk-0.10-1.src.rpm open-1.3-5.src.rpm open-1.3-6.src.rpm
> p2c-1.20-8.src.rpm pam-0.57-3.src.rpm pamconfig-0.51-2.src.rpm
> pamconfig-0.51-3.src.rpm passwd-0.50-8.src.rpm patch-2.1-5.src.rpm
> pdksh-5.2.12-2.src.rpm perl-5.003-9.src.rpm pidentd-2.5.1-6.src.rpm
> pine-3.96-1.src.rpm pinfocom-3.0-4.src.rpm pmake-1.0-5.src.rpm
> popt-1.0-1.src.rpm portmap-4.0-4.src.rpm ppp-2.2.0f-4.src.rpm
> procinfo-0.9-2.src.rpm procmail-3.10-11.src.rpm psacct-6.2-2.src.rpm
> psmisc-11-5.src.rpm pwdb-0.54-5.src.rpm rcs-5.7-5.src.rpm
> rdate-0.960923-2.src.rpm rdist-1.0-6.src.rpm readline-2.1-1.src.rpm
> redhat-release-4.8-1.src.rpm rhmask-1.0-2.src.rpm rootfiles-1.5-1.src.rpm
> routed-0.10-1.src.rpm rpm-2.4.7-1glibc.src.rpm rsh-0.10-1.src.rpm
> rusers-0.10-1.src.rpm rwall-0.10-1.src.rpm rwho-0.10-1.src.rpm
> samba-1.9.16p11-4rh.src.rpm scottfree-1.14-3.src.rpm screen-3.7.2-3.src.rpm
> sed-2.05-7.src.rpm setconsole-1.0-1.src.rpm sh-utils-1.16-6.src.rpm
> shadow-utils-970616-4.src.rpm sharutils-4.2-7.src.rpm slang-0.99.37-2.src.rpm
> slang-0.99.38-1.src.rpm sliplogin-2.1.0-7.src.rpm slrn-
> sox-11g-5.src.rpm stat-1.5-6.src.rpm statnet-2.00-4.src.rpm
> statserial-1.1-8.src.rpm symlinks-1.0-6.src.rpm sysklogd-1.3-16.src.rpm
> taper-6.7.4-3.src.rpm tcp_wrappers-7.5-2.src.rpm tcpdump-3.3-2.src.rpm
> telnet-0.10-1.src.rpm tetex-0.4pl8-5.src.rpm textutils-1.22-2.src.rpm
> tftp-0.10-2.src.rpm time-1.7-2.src.rpm timed-0.10-1.src.rpm
> timetool-2.3-1.src.rpm tin-1.22-7.src.rpm tmpwatch-1.2-2.src.rpm
> traceroute-1.4a5-2.src.rpm tracker-4.3-5.src.rpm tree-1.0-4.src.rpm
> trojka-1.1-8.src.rpm ttcp-1.4-1.src.rpm tunelp-1.3-6.src.rpm
> umb-scheme-3.2-3.src.rpm unarj-2.41a-4.src.rpm units-1.0-6.src.rpm
> unzip-5.12-6.src.rpm uucp-1.06.1-11.src.rpm vixie-cron-3.0.1-15.src.rpm
> vlock-1.0-6.src.rpm which-1.0-6.src.rpm words-2-3.src.rpm
> wu-ftpd-2.4.2b15-2.src.rpm ypbind-3.0-2.src.rpm yppasswd-0.9-1.src.rpm
> zip-2.1-2.src.rpm zlib-1.0.4-1.src.rpm zsh-3.0.2-2.src.rpm

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