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Re: Adding my system

Subject: Re: Adding my system
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 04:19:29 -0700 (PDT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Brandon Welsh" at Oct 8, 97 01:24:21 pm
> Could you add my system to a future release of MILO.
> Here's the information:
> ARC Vendor ID:          [NeTPower]
> ARC Product ID: [00a0040003a000b7]
> ARC System ID:  [NeTPower-Falcon-UP]
> ARC CPU ID:             [MIPS-R4400 @ 200 Mhz - Pr 4/6.0, Fp 5/0]
> Processor Type:         [UNKNOWN I04 V6.0]
> Primary ICache size:    [0x4000 bytes]
> Primary ICache line size:       [0x0020 bytes]
> Primary DCache size:    [0x4000 bytes]
> Primary DCache line size:       [0x0010 bytes]
> Secondary Cache size:   [unknown]

Just adding a system isn't enough, the kernel would need to be ported
also and so far nobody had done more than looking a bit at it.


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