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Re: DECstation News

Subject: Re: DECstation News
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 08:04:59 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Florian Lohoff" at Sep 26, 97 04:31:26 pm
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Florian Lohoff <> wrote:

> I had no linux kernel but tried to boot a netbsd kernel via tftp on
> the same machine (5000/240). The Boot Prom told me that the normal
> BSD Kernel was no ECOFF (a.out blafufasel) and the NFS Kernel
> crashed after starting.

The Boot PROM doesn't know how to boot an a.out kernel image - it
needs ECOFF.  The Linux/MIPS cross-development tools include the
ability to create an ECOFF image (or you should try the Linux/MIPS
test kernel mentioned in other email).

> BTW: Could someone give me a small hint where to get newest Linux-Mips
> development kernel and maybe a cross-compiler to develop on a different
> linux-i386 box with the tftp server. BTW: I might put 1 or 2 Decstations
> online for development for everyone ( 5000/240 and 5000/150 ). Maybe ill
> develop a remote reset|power switch so that remote developers may reboot
> the DecStation and have a Null-Modem cable to a serial port on an
> development station.

Sounds like a neat idea...

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