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DecStation port

Subject: DecStation port
From: Dan Shearer <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 21:46:04 +0930 (ACST)
I am directing this to the list because the excellent FAQ is out of date 
concerning Decstations (compared to the even more excellent DecStation 
Porting home page at The 
porting home page was last update 16th May 97, which appears to be out of 
date compared to the latest images!

So, I ask the list the enclosed question about graphics on Decstation Linux.

I am working on getting a source of Decstation 5000s. Did you know that 
Dec are taking 5000's as trade-in on Alphas... and then melting down the 
5000s? C'est affreux, un disastre, on doit faire quelque chose (en fait 
j'ai deja commence en parlant a maddog.)


Dan Shearer

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 16:21:49 +0930
From: Bevin.Steer@UniSA.Edu.Au
To: dan.shearer@UniSA.Edu.Au
Cc: philip.williams@UniSA.Edu.Au
Subject: Hi Dan ... linux for DECstations....

Hi Dan,
I had a message to email or phone you...  I seem to have misplaced your
phone number.... ????

However, I want an X server that will run on DECstations with Turbo Channel
TX and PX graphics cards.   Ive spoken with "maddog" and he didnt think
there would be much hope...
Has the DECstation linux port made it to the turbo channel options yet?

If not, we have these remaining options:
        o  DEC fix their Ultrix Turbo Channel TX and PX X server
                (expect three month delay)
        o  Unigraphics modify their app so it doesnt crash the x-server
                (not likely...theve already blown us off)
        o  Ask DEC to free up the source for their Ultrix Turbo Channel TX
           and PX X-server  (hahahaha) and then we fix it.
        o  Find an alternative R11v5 X-server for that hardware...

Have you any suggestions?

Thanks, Bevin

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