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Linux w/DEC 3100

Subject: Linux w/DEC 3100
From: "Louis M. Seigal" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 19:05:50 -0400 (EDT)
Linux Guru,

Hello there, I'm searching for some help.  I'm a college student going to the
Richard Stockton College of NJ working on an independent study in network
security.  I don't know a hellva lot but I have been running Linux Slackware
3 on a 486/33mhz for several months.  I have the opertunity to take three or
so DEC 3100 workstations which currently have Ultrix on them and install
Linux on them for use with this project.  I have read the info on your page
and the info on pauls Linux/MIPS DECStation porting page but I still have a
few questions...not sure if your willing to anwser them or now.

A few things I would like to know:
1)Is the kernel generally available (ie sunsite) supporting the ability to
compile on a DEC3100 workstation?  If so I assume it's only the experimental
ones so far (2.1.x)?

2)I don't expect a complete explanation of this, but is it possible to
install linux on a DECStation over the network...i don't see any floppy
drives connected to them but i guess that i must assume they have external
ones hidding in a closet somewhere.

Any other info about Linux on a DEC3100 would be greatly apprecaited,

Louis Seigal (

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