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DECstation 3100.

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Subject: DECstation 3100.
From: Regan Russell <>
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 97 11:40:00 S
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Hi, I have a heap (12+) of UNIX kernel internal books, two books on   
R2000/3000 assembler, two on UNIX device drivers and a 3100.
I used the MIPS simulator xspim in the RISC classes at university.
I want to contribute something to linux. Where/how can I start ?

On a separate note, we have one dead 3100 and one running Ultrix.
The dead one starts with


>From what I can gather from the comp.unix.ultrix FAQ this is a SCSI   
I've played with the termination, put the drive in another machine, etc.
I have yet to check cables and motherboard, is this definately a
SCSI problem ?

Regan Russell BSc.  (Brilliant Digital Entertainment - Work) (One mega-bit cable modem at home)

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