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Re: Run a Magnum 4000SC-50 big-endian?

To: (Charles A. Dempsey)
Subject: Re: Run a Magnum 4000SC-50 big-endian?
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 04:52:27 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Charles A. Dempsey" at Sep 6, 97 01:47:39 am

> With the recent flurry of activity on SGI-Linux I'm feeling a bit left
> out. I understand that the SC is somewhat supported since linux-2.1.36
> and I have David Monro's bfsd and Thomas'SCSI patch so....
> 1. Is there any reason why I can not run Linux on a 4000SC (or a 4000PC)
> in big-endian mode? 

The Magnums have been constructed as little endian boxes.  Their
big endian support in the hardware is a bit hackish.  When running
the Magnum big endian you either have the choice to run the box
slow or fast but with an incompatible disk format.  The Mips guys
simply forgot the endian switch in the DMA logic, grmpf...
Also the big endian firmware is different and not currently suported.

> 2. Could I then run the SGI-Linux binaries? 

Yes, with the exception of a few hardware dependand binaries.  So
make that >95% of the binaries.  Even the IRIX compatibility mode
would be working.


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