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I have a DEC MIPS

To: "''" <>
Subject: I have a DEC MIPS
From: Flemming Laugaard <>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 14:29:18 +0200
Hi there 

I have a DEC system 5000/260, 104 Mb memory, 1,4 Gb SCSI disk, CDrom and
Ethernet. I'm currently using Ultrix 4.5, but I want it to run Linux
.... :-)

Since it's an DEC system it doesn't have a floppy or graphics adapter,
so it must be booted from the CDrom (which is no fun when the MIPS dist
is floppy based ;-) ).

Can I be of some help in the porting project ?

Please write to me on either adresses: or

Kind regards
Flemming Laugaard

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