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Olivetti M-700 Help needed

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Subject: Olivetti M-700 Help needed
From: Davide Repetto <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 15:50:57 +0200
First of all Excuse me for the intrusion.
If you don't want to answer I won't bother you again.
I found your E-mail Address into a news message related to M700.
I contacted you as you may have information on this computer.

I managed to find a couple of M700 to be donated to a non profit
organization. The machines where cannibalized.

No RAM - no HD - no CDROM - no Floppy Drive
No Keyboard - no CPU cooling FAN - no scsi cable

I managed to find:
        one 2.88meg Floppy, 2 scsi cdroms, two PC keyboards, some 8mb simms 
with parity, one Boot Floppy set (Rather old), a couple of small cooling fans 
for the cpu, two quantum SCSI HD 3.2GB, a scsi cable and a couple of scsi 

My problem is that no matter what I install, when I switch on the computer, it 
doesn't boot. The Power led Blinks for one second and then it shuts down.
It looks like the PSU doesn't receive the POWER GOOD signal from M/B.
Note: I still have no manual.

Can you help me?

Davide Repetto

IDP s.n.c.

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