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Re: DEC keyboard / mouse pinout needed

Subject: Re: DEC keyboard / mouse pinout needed
From: Dave Mills <>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 09:40:45 -0700
Organization: NOAO (AURA)
References: <>
Aaron J. Grier wrote:
> I recently got a DECstation 5000/240, [1] but I'm missing the breakout
> cable to connect the keyboard and mouse.  I've got the pinouts for the
> DB15 connector on the workstation end, but don't have them for the
> keyboard or mouse.  The keyboard is an LK401 (with the 4-pin RJ-11C
> connector) and the mouse is the ball-less kind which looks like a muffin.

DECdirect will sell you the cable for $23 (part #17-02640-01)
I tried to make one up myself and did not have a lot of luck, 
I can dig out the pinouts if you really want to try....


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