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bfsd & RC3330?

Subject: bfsd & RC3330?
From: Lahaye Olivier <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 13:32:51 GMT

A few time ago, I asked about the status of Linux MIPS port to the
I was told that Someone was doing tests since june 1st.
I'd like to do some tests. I don't have much time, and my 8MB are
realy too small to be usable, but, I can do some testing.

By the way, I wonder if bfsd is usable to try new kernels on my box.
I could run it under Amiga 3000UX NetBSD.

Finaly, I was unbale to find bfsd 1.x
Where is it?

Thanks a lot for any answer.

I also have some docs about RC3330 I/O adress ranges.

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