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Re: Jazz SCSI

To: "" <>
Subject: Re: Jazz SCSI
From: ARI <100773.513@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 18 Jul 97 17:18:00 EDT
Listen to my experience with my 1 Go JAZZ SCSI HD :

- I have a linux-intel box
- My linux version is a Slackware with kernel 2.0
- I've reinstalled Linux entirely on my host 560 Mo HD
- My scsi Jazz HD has not yet been connected to my host
- I've prepared boot/root 1,44 mo disks with kernel already built with scsi
- After having successfully installed my linux, I've shut down my host,
  my JAZZ SCSI2 HD to my 2940 Adaptec scsi 2 controler, then boot on my
 host HD with my newly installed linux 2.0 version.
- All was OK
- I can read my jazz hd even if it is a DOS formated hd.

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