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Re: linux mips decstation 3100

To: (Bruce Moffatt)
Subject: Re: linux mips decstation 3100
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:30:37 +1000 (EST)
Cc: (Linux MIPS mailing list)
In-reply-to: <> from "Bruce Moffatt" at Jul 9, 97 12:22:19 pm
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Hi Bruce,

> Are you still involved in the Linux MIPS DECstation port
> project?

I am, though being CEO of this here little software company has been
consuming great gobs of my time in the last month (for instance: I was
in the US for 3 weeks, and will return later this week).

> I have a DECstation 3100 which I have borrowed for a couple of
> months while it is not needed elsewhere, and am interested in
> playing with getting Linux up on it. (Just because it's there!)

Much like the rest of us really.

> The machine has 24 M ram, 2.6 G hd (in 2 scsi drives in an attached
> expansion box), and is connectable to a network of Ultrix 4.4
> DECstations.

Sounds like what you'll need is already to hand.

> I have started to browse the solway /pub/linux-mips and the sunsite
> Linux/ALPHA/mips sites for info. The "Booting a DECstation via
> bootp/tftp" doc is interesting, but I need some help. The assumption
> of the doc seems to be that the DECstation to be booted with Linux
> is connected back to another Linux box. Do you know if it's feasible
> for me to try to use a bootp type procedure to boot a Linux kernel
> stored on one of my Ultrix boxes on my LAN?

It should be - and the instructions should be pretty similar.

> We use this kind of boot procedure for most of our 3100s now, which
> we use as dumb xterms hanging off boot nodes on our network.

You should be able to model your DECstation boot procedure on this
assuming the xterms use bootp/tftp...

> I am (obviously) not a guru, just a mad keen amateur.  My experience
> has been almost exclusively as an applications-end programmer, so
> you need to make allowances ;) however I do run Linux on an Intel
> box at home, so from time to time I get my fingers dirty in
> lower-level software.

Cool - many others on the list are of a similar background.

> I have a little time to put into the project, but not too much
> expertise. Maybe you could use my time and these resources to test
> stuff???

We're always pleased to have more testers... though I would encourage
you to not be afraid to hop in and play with the innards of the
Linux/MIPS kernel.  Just be prepared to learn more MIPS assembler than
you might have bargained for... :-)

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