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Linux MIPS on DECstation 3100

Subject: Linux MIPS on DECstation 3100
From: Bruce Moffatt <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 16:30:10 +1000 (EST)

I am looking for a contact/group/mail group who can
help me with info about the current status of the
Linux MIPS port.

I have a borrowed DECstation 3100 that I can experiment
with for a while. It has been running Ultrix 4.4, but
I would like to have a go at getting Linux up on it.
It comes complete with an expansion box, with (mumble)
megs of hard disk on board. It's currently surplus
to my project's needs, but will eventually have to be
given back when someone finds a real business use for
it (hah!)

I have had a look at the Porting Page, the Linux/MIPS
FAQ, the Linux MIPS HOWTO, and need a push in the 
appropriate direction from here. I run Linux 2.0.0
on an i386 type PC, from a modified Slackware distro.
My systems programming experience is low, I have spent
most of the last few years hacking in an application
language called EPL, but what I lack in experience
I hope to make up for with determination.

Is there a mail group you could point me at please?
Or better still is there any one-on-one contact who
can help me get started?

Any help very welcome.


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IRL Bruce Moffatt
IRC skua
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