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mips port

To: <>
Subject: mips port
From: "gene" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 21:10:54 -0700
Hi I am Gene and I have a nec2000,  I believe the processor is a rm4400, 250
MHZ MIPS CPU.  It currently is runniung NT40 and

I would like this old dog to run linux. how and where do i get a version to
load on this machine.  Currently i ha several versions right now.
1.) Sam's teach yourself linux in 24 hours
2>) info magic's linux developers resourse
3.) linux pro by Workgroup solutions
4>) red hat 5.0
    Now can i load one of these?
also when I I use disk druid to partition my drive, I set one native
partition and one swap,..........   When I go to save it wants a mounting
point      ./????   I have put in start cylinder and stop points ,or /hda2
ect. to try to tell it which drive i want to be loaded but it wopunt accept
anything I type ...What is it asking for????????

I would appreciate any of your help I can be e-mailed at

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