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DECstation 5xxx

To: "''" <>
Subject: DECstation 5xxx
From: Matthew Fitzgerald -WPO <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:38:33 +1000

Hmm, I am very impressed that someone has attempted to port Linux to the
DECstation 5000 series... I read the MIPS FAQ today, is there anything
updated that isn't on the FAQ yet?

I'll just tell you my config:
        DECstation 5000-240
        128MB RAM
        24bit Z-buffer 3D graphics card (TURBOchannel)
        (and some disks and stuff....)

Is there any support for these options???  Please let me know, I am a
programmer, so if you want any more development, let me know!!!

 Matt Fitzgerald, Digital TSMC West Perth  
 Ph: +61(08)94833324 Fax: +61(08)93225004

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