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Linux on MIPS RC3xxx boxes ?

Subject: Linux on MIPS RC3xxx boxes ?
From: "Richard Ingram" <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 15:54:31 +0100
In-reply-to: (Paul Antoine) "Re: hmmm..." (May 16, 11:24pm)
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First off what is the difference between the Magnum 3000 and the RC3xxx sereis
or ar they one and the same ?

I have a Mips RC3xxx server box with 2*1.2gig and 1 exabyte streamer and will
be getting another on monday and was wondering what status the port is at to
these older Mips boxes (if one exists at all). Supposedly the box has RISCix on
one of the HDs already but no memory or graphics card so I will be configuring
it to be run off the seriel port.

I was going to cannibalise one of the boxes for one of the HDs to go on my
Magnum 4K box to try and get the serial kernel up in the near future (just need
memory for this as well!).

What sort of performance did these old RC3xxx boxes give ? Does anyone still
use them ?

I recall seeing in the past week that someone has got it booting up on a 3020
does this mean there is hope for my RC3xxx (I'll get the exact number next



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