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Re: hmmm...

Subject: Re: hmmm...
From: Michael Engel <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 13:51:55 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "David Monro" at May 16, 97 09:35:14 pm
> Turns out I actually own a DECstation 3100. I'm not sure how much use it is
> though - it may not work properly. Does anyone know what it means when it
> counts down to 3 and then says failure - press reset to continue?

I found this in comp.unix.ultrix a while ago:

Subject: DEC 3100 subtests, LEDs, pinouts

DEC 3100 LED's, subtests, pinouts
>From my first posting and from all your responses and
questions, thought would update this to try and share
this info.

I have noticed postings recently about people having
problems when booting a DEC 2100/3100, so I thought I
would post this.
This is a short description of the DEC subtests from
the 2100/3100 manual.

Subtest 7, 6, 5, 4 - No info listed in the manual,
        says to contact your DEC rep.

from my notes
Subtest 7 - Video SIM module
Subtest 6 - VDAC PCC
Subtest 5 - DZ Serial line
Subtest 4 - System Module, i.e. motherboard,
            i.e. spare parts time

from the manual
Subtest 3 - Check keyboard & mouse
Subtest 2 - Check Ethernet connections, make sure they
            are terminated properly if not on a network.
Subtest 1 - Check SCSI bus connections
I have had luck when a machine seemed dead or dying, by
removing the cover and wiggling the memory modules and
small video board.  Seems if they set for a while, they
must get a little corroded.
On the back of the machine is a set of 8 LED's that
show which test is being performed at boot.
ff - set at power up or reset
7f - system module
bf - disk & SCSI
df - keyboard
ef - memory
f7 - mouse
If your system comes up and you are at the '>>' prompt,
there are some commands you can enter to do system tests.
f arg - video test
  args: c   displays color bars
        x   displays white grid
  just press the space bar to terminate test

Note that they are several other tests, some which are
canned disk tests and destroy all data.  So don't go
poking keys to see what happens.  Be careful what you
ask for, you may get it.

UPDATE - have had several requests for more on this, so
will post it under something like:
DEC 3100 Standalone Tests
UPDATE - Someone asks for info on the 15 pin video port
on the back.

 1 Red
 2 Ground
10 Green
11 Blue
Hope this helps some of you, if so, I would appreciate a
note from you.  I am curious, how many are still using
some of the 'older' DEC equipment.

Mike Thompson

Looks like you have a problem with your keyboard and/or mouse ... 
> Can these handle a serial console? (somewhere I have an adapter cable for the
> stupid DEC serial port). If so, how do I make it use it - especially as I have
> no keyboard to plug into it at all as far as I know, so I can't set stuff in
> the environment or anything useful like that... or does it take the same
> keyboard as the 5100/2xx series?

Yes, the standard LK201 keyboard and the "hockey puck" mouse (well, we prefer
to call the thing rat ;-)) VS-XXX-AA work with the 3100. To use a serial
console, you have to take the video RAM module out of the DS3100 and connect
the console terminal to the printer port - 9600,8N1.

        Michael Engel   (

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