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Re: boot code stuff

Subject: Re: boot code stuff
From: David Monro <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 21:34:51 +1000 (EST)
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Reply-to: David Monro <>
A 2.1.14 code snapshot would be great - I'm working off 2.1.1 at the moment.
How hard would it be to make a patch against that rather than me clogging up
your link with the whole 6MB (can't figure out why I only get 1.7k/s to your
site - you are only about 6 hops away and most of them are multi-megabit. I'd
do better getting you to batch it to me via mhs over the modem in our machine
room you use for a newsfeed, 'cept I don't think it is set up properly for that


> David Monro wrote:
> > I remember people saying on the list a little while ago that the PROM on 
> > the DECstation 3100 (I think) was very similar to the MIPS 32xx one. Do 
> > I remember correctly? If so, could someone provide me with some sort of 
> > code for the DEC one so I can attack the MIPS properly?
> How about I upload a snapshot from which you can extract some
> code?  Or, you could add your big-endian patches and use that kernel
> instead.  Send me the big-endian patches when you have them if you like, 
> and I'll throw them in for Ralf to integrate...
> I'll let you know when you can grab the current snapshot!  Other DECStation
> hackers can play too, but must promise not to whinge about crufty bits of
> daggy code... though you should all feel free to send patches/corrections.
> [N.B. The term 'daggy' is Australian and is a reference to the crusty
>       bits of wool that hang from the back end of a sheep. :-]
> Paul
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