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Re: Your Linux-Port on a SNI RM200

Subject: Re: Your Linux-Port on a SNI RM200
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 12:25:30 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Robert M. Albrecht" at May 16, 97 08:31:51 am

> I?ve got an used SNI RM200-120 :-)
> Sadly, the whole documentation and the key (for opening the case) is 
> missing. It is only the box, a CD-ROM Sinix V5.42  and the keyboard. I have 
> attached my VGA-Monitor and a PS/2-style mouse.
> According to the self-diagnosis this machine is equipped with 32MB RAM and 
> a MIPS 4600. Built in s a harddisk (booting Sinix), a CD-Rom (looks like a 
> toshiba) and a standard-cartridge-streamer (looks like tandberg)..
> I want to get Linux on this box and get rid of this ridiculous Sinix.

Who wonders - there is only one OS on this world and Milo is his
prophet ;-)

> I have gotten into the firmware-monitor, by guessing I tried:
> boot floppy()milo
> but the firmwares complains
> loading floppy()milo
> couldn?t determine fs type
> Coudln?t load floppy()milo

> Do you have any ideas how to boot these machine ? Do have know how to 
> install Windows NT on this box ?

You're running the big endian firmware for Sinix.  That one is not
supported.  You will have to reconfigure that machine for Windows NT
by reloading the EEPROM with NT ARC firmware.

There are different types of RM200; Linux only supports the RM200C
series machines which have PCI slots.  Probably the big brother RM300C
will work also.  No idea about older EISA only machines.  Try it,
fry it ;-)

As an aside - the entire RM port is currently being redone because
SNI gave out the required technical information.  Also the Lance32 driver 
Linux needs for that machine has been completely redone and will need
to be ported to MIPS again.


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