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Your Linux-Port on a SNI RM200

To: "''" <>
Subject: Your Linux-Port on a SNI RM200
From: "Robert M. Albrecht" <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 08:31:51 +0100
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I?ve got an used SNI RM200-120 :-)

Sadly, the whole documentation and the key (for opening the case) is 
missing. It is only the box, a CD-ROM Sinix V5.42  and the keyboard. I have 
attached my VGA-Monitor and a PS/2-style mouse.

According to the self-diagnosis this machine is equipped with 32MB RAM and 
a MIPS 4600. Built in s a harddisk (booting Sinix), a CD-Rom (looks like a 
toshiba) and a standard-cartridge-streamer (looks like tandberg)..

I want to get Linux on this box and get rid of this ridiculous Sinix.

I have gotten into the firmware-monitor, by guessing I tried:

boot floppy()milo

but the firmwares complains

loading floppy()milo
couldn?t determine fs type
Coudln?t load floppy()milo

Do you have any ideas how to boot these machine ? Do have know how to 
install Windows NT on this box ?

cu romal

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